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2022 Demo Reel

listen to my latest commercial demo reel for 2022.


Radio commercial using deep rugged voice.


This is a voice over for a dramatic non-profit message.

Beagle Puppy

This is a demo reel of commercials.


A sample of a deep country / cowboy southern accent for a radio advertisement.

Looking at the View

An example of an emotional voice over with backing music for a non-profit radio spot.

Snowy Mountain

A voice over for a Documentary movie with music added.

This is an example of a Political Advertisement, Commercial, Ad, for radio. Music added.

Election Campaign
Image by Aaron Burden

This is a sample of a Christian / Religious narration about the bible. Music added. Great for churches.


Example of a radio ad with music with Gary Hubbard as voice over actor.

This is a sample of a real estate or yacht description and sales pitch. Music added.

Image by Mohamed Masaau

To listen more please visit SoundCloud page here.

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