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Experienced and Adaptable
Male Voice Over Actor

Gary has experienced significant success working with well-known clients as an actor and male voice talent actor.

Don't be deceived by that that face. He has a varied life that includes theater, dance, vocal performance, film, tv, and video production, among many other things. He brings a richness and depth to every voice over project he takes on thanks to his diverse range of skills and experience.

Gary Hubbard has been behind a microphone most of his life.

From a young age reading magazines and newspapers into his cassette recorder, to his home recording studio doing voice overs for many happy clients, he enjoys what he does. Now, he delivers quality voice over work for radio and television commercials, character voices for movies and films, eLearning modules, narrations and so much more.

Gary enjoys working directly with clients and getting to know exactly what they are looking for to make their project the very best. He makes sure clients leave happy and come back with more exciting projects.

Gary has embraced his changing roles as he gets older and loves acting as the “grandfather” or “older gentleman”. His rugged deep voice is popular in the “southern” or “cowboy” role, with just a pinch of Sam Elliott.

Let Gary Hubbard be your go to voice over artist for projects of all types. Whether it’s a movie trailer, a fun animation character, a political advertisement or a deep voiced tough cowboy, Gary will deliver a quality voice over for you!

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